The cold winter bored the little bird and it decided to fly to sunny Krasnodar, the perfect city for a cozy nest.
The bird has spread its wings and made a nest on busy Red Street.
From now on, the "Little Birdie" will be a favorite place to "sit and tweet" and "nibble" on #food joys.
"It will be an energizing atmosphere, smiling service and Prosecco at breakfast.
I'll set up a paradise in the heart of the sunny city!" — stated the birdie.
For a long time the bird searched for a chef who would create an inspiring menu.
Dozens of candidates prepared their dishes for her, but everything was wrong...
Until it was the turn of the brand chef of "ChÖtkie Restaurants" — Vladimir Stepanenko, and his heavenly treat.
"That's him! The smiling chef of the "Little Birdie" restaurant", — the feathered one chimed in.
The perfect nest is made! After checking the complete readiness of the company of feathered birds, the birdie announced: "Squad, humbly! Cheer up, fighters, smile and wave! Ready to welcome the cheerful guests!"
In March, "Little Birdie" swiftly opened its doors.
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